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The most flexible course authoring solution available

Build Any Course

Simple and Powerful

This is your competitive advantage.

Developed to Drive Your Business

For Software Developers and SAAS Businesses

  • Drive adoption, engagement, and retention with custom training
  • Quickly update clients on software changes and new features

For Corporate Training Companies

  • Scale your out-of-classroom training with cloud-based eTraining
  • Monitor, measure, and report on training engagement and performance

For Educational Institutions

  • Quickly convert traditional course content into interactive online education
  • Utilize blended learning strategies to drive student performance

For All Organizations

  • Centralize, customize, and enhance your employee training program
  • Take your training global with multi-language translation

'The Generator' Features

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Frequently asked questions

What is ‘The Generator’?

‘The Generator’ is a collaborative course-authoring technology that allows organizations to capture and transfer knowledge by building and customizing eTraining, workflows, and processes.

What kind of training can I build with ‘The Generator’?

You name it, you can build it!

  • Proprietary Software Training
  • New Employee Onboarding Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Human Resources Training
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Training
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Quality Control Training
  • And more!

Is there a quick way to build custom training programs with ‘The Generator’?


Quicken the process by leveraging Global eTraining’s robust and ever-expanding library of existing course content including Autodesk, MS Office 365, Health & Safety, Leadership Skills Training, and more!

Simply drag-and-drop content into your training programs for fast, relevant, expert-level custom training.

Do I need to host my content on ‘The Generator’ learning management system (LMS)?


You can host and distribute your content on any (or multiple) learning management system (LMS).

What is the process behind updating training programs that are hosted on multiple LMSs?

It’s very simple!

Rather than updating content manually and individually (wasting time and resources better used elsewhere), ‘The Generator’ allows course authors to update their content in one place, automatically changing it on each LMS!

Who has access to my custom ‘The Generator’ created content?

It’s completely up to you!

Publish your custom content internally so that only your organization or educational institution has access to your training materials, or publish publicly to build brand awareness and share information globally.

Do I have the ability to translate my custom courses?


With ‘The Generator’s’ multi-language translation capabilities, you can automatically translate your content into over 25 languages, allowing you to share more, and train better.

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